How to get Rip Rod

Hello, I am trying to collect every car in Forza Horizon 4 and now I am struggling with Hot Wheels Rip Rod. I know that this car can be unlocked for free when finished Star Card, but I am really terrible at drifting so this way is impossible to me. I tried to search for it in auction house but this is the only one car that NEVER is listed in auctions. By more than month I didn’t saw any offers! Is this rarest car in game?

You don’t need to be able to drift to get the Riprod. I got mine a week or so ago. All you need to do is have completed 30 seasonal PR stunts.

Tip. Even though there are 3 seasonal PR stunts on the Festival playlist the Lego Valley and Fortune Island expansions also have them. These count towards the 30.

As for drifting are you using a controller? I can’t drift using a wheel yet with a controller once something clicked in my head I was able to knock out 3 stars in all of the drift zones. Having the right car helps a lot. Best drift car in the game in my opinion is the #64 Nissan 370z or #777 Nissan 240sx both AWD.

I am using Logitech Driving Force GT and it’s really hard to drift to acquire 3 stars. 1 or even 2, sometimes, are possible, but 3? No way! I am also playing Forza since 4 months (and a little bit more than 2 with seasonals) so I think that 30 seasonal stunts should be completed.

There’s one in the auction now for 20M

Yeah, but if you do not have Legendary Tuner or Painter all you get for the car is about 1 Million, so no wonder no ones selling one.

I would buy it for 20M, and sell it for 1M to help someone out, but the car would sell instantly.

I saw one go through at 1.8m earlier today. Otherwise it was just the 20m ones. Iirc there was one time it was available in the forzathon shop and another time as a prize. It may come around again but with some persistence you can probably get one through the auction house.

I haven’t tried drifting with a wheel. With a controller, for me at least, it takes some practice and a tune that you like.

If it helps any, I saw several go through the AH between 2 and 3am PDT. I wasn’t really trying hard just occasionally checking.