How to get 80% season completion

So I have completed every single thing in the festival playlist and its at 76%. 4% off getting the bmw m3 gtr. Could someone enlighten me and tell how I can get the last 4%.

Did you complete the championships using expert, or higher, drivatar difficulty?

If something isn’t gold, you haven’t completed it. Rivals and ranked actually are part of seasonal 100%

You can skip ranked, but you’ll need to do rivals as well as everything else, PGG, championships, PR stunts, trials and the weekly/daily forzathon(you can miss 2 dailies and ranked and still get 80% for seasonal.

It’s all gold

Maybe post a screenshot of the right side of your playlist
If all gold it would be 100%…as above

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And yes i did use expert for driver difficulty

All gold is, obviously, 100%. There was multiple things on your playlist that were not gold.

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