How to get 1997 Honda Civic Forza Edition Widebody?

So, I did the May Honda Rivals event, which says you will get the 1997 Civic Forza Edition at the end of the event. Does that mean once I finish, or once the entire event is over? Because, I’ve posted times, beaten rivals, and not received the civic. I know it’s there, because it shows up in the car collection, but it’s locked. I have xbox one.

After the event is closed the civic should show up in your in game message center within a few days. I wouldn’t expect to see it sooner than probably June 8th.

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I never did the rivals event but the 1997 Civic Type R Forza Edition just showed up as a level up choice. I quickly grabbed it. :slight_smile:

It’s a handful to tune though if you want to keep it in its homologation class. When keeping the FWD you need to downshift out of corners an awefully lot of times, that’s with the standard gearbox since there is not enough PI to get the racing version. But luckily you can RWD swap this and get the PI for that race transmission, much better car that way even though an RWD Civic just feels so wrong. :slight_smile: