How to end game

Hi all . Can anyone help. Just been in to Xbox for over a hour about a corrupted cloud file of my forza game , it seems it’s corrupted due to me not ending game correctly. How are you mentioned to end game. Thanks in advance

Tell them to get lost. If Xbox can’t cope with an unexpected disconnect then that’s a system error, not a user error.

My profile got corrupted when Forza crashed while leaving the race results screen for the lobby. Different cause but same reason - badly engineered software.

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True. But a proper “quit” game helps a lot I think. When you are finished playing, go to your home screen, hit the right menu button and tab to quit game. I do this every time I am finished playing and have never had any problems.


This is the proper way to close a game. Like ezrae, I do this also and I have never had a corrupted file, either. I have often wondered how many of the corrupted saves would be prevented by just following these 2 extra button clicks.

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I always do it as well. Didn’t prevent me from losing my profile. Not much you can do about a game hanging while saving data.

Players shouldn’t have to worry about crashes corrupting saves though, much less using the console as it is intended to be used corrupting saves. Xbox One’s error checking is just total garbage.


It’s certainly a good idea to do that - for example because lobby chat will in echo/ robot mode next time if you don’t, but it’s actually counter to the Xbox One’s design. The whole point of “Instant On” is that you don’t have to shut down the game - you’re supposed to be able to shut down the console mid-session and then pick up the session in the same place next time you turn on. It’s one of the USPs of the console.

So while it’s perfectly OK for another player to advise always shutting down a game, for Xbox support to be advising it (as a way of blaming the player for a system failure no less) is an admission by Microsoft that their system doesn’t work as designed.


I agree, but you know computers, it is a computer after all. When you have a bunch of crap running in back round, it tends to cause problems. Also the instant on. I had the idea it was to save you from having to log into your profile all the time. it will go right to your profile and have it there instant for you.

Yep, I also do it the way Ezrae says, for all my games and I haven’t had issues with any of them.

I am with Ezrae on the proper ending of game . I have always finished the game I am playing by pushing the large white Xbox button then quit on the menu on the right hand controller button.

I’ve been doing the quit method as Ezrae described after reading through many lost profile threads. Yes it adds a bit of time but nowhere near the time I’ve spent building this profile.