How to download and fit new number plate?

I’m pretty new to the game and want to fit a classic style black/white UK number plate to my Lotus Cortina. I’ve found some styles I like in the search options of the vinyl section, but when I download them I can’t get them on my car. The back panel will change colour but the original plate is still there. It is totally non intuitive how I go about this.

Also, before I go any further… if I do get a plate downloaded and fixed on can I change the lettering like on the original plate? Because if I can’t then I’m wasting my time totally.

I think if you go to the game options and remove the license plate that’s on the car now (can’t remember the exact placement of this option, but it’s not too hard to find) then the one you downloaded can be placed there and should be fully visible.

But no, you won’t be able to customize it to what you want to say, anyways. What you’ll have to do to get a custom one is post here what style you want and what you want it to say (as long as it isn’t something that would cause a ban) and one of us painters can then make you a plate to use.

if it is an simple number plate then just use it as a template and make your own.