How do you backup and reinstate a save game?

I’ve been plagued with FH4 not connecting to any online servers\cloud saves for months, I’ve tried every suggestion I can find, I’ve tried various teredo fixes, nat fixes, forwarded ports, made sure everything was up to date etc.

So, I had a bit of a brainwave and decided to see if the game would connect on my old pc, and to my joy and frustration it does, it downloaded the last save that the cloud has which I’ve discovered is very old and all the online features work. I’m now guessing there is some fatal problem with my main rigs install of either FH4 or Windows. I want to reinstall them to see if it will fix the issues but I have been playing the game quite a bit since the connection issues started then and don’t want to lose many hours of progress. (cloud save is at level 32 and my local save is at prestige 1 level 22)

How can I transfer the save game I’ve got stored locally to a safe place? and how do I reinstate it after I reinstall the game\windows? Unless anyone has a magic fix for the connection issues I’m having.

Any help would be appreciated.