How common is save file corruption?

I would add a poll if i could.

Since I’ve not experienced save corruption in any Forzas (yet) and the support section seems to have changed, I’m posting here. Apologies if this is the wrong section to post.

So, I’m trying to get a notion of how common save file corruption is. Not just Horizon 4, but all Forzas.

This is a big concern for me too. My heart goes out to anyone who reads this and has experienced save file corruption, loss of progress, cars you can’t get a second time, and so on. Sorry for your loss. Truly.

So if that happened to you, and you would want to post about it (again, for some)…

Would you include roughly how many hours you played? And your suspicion what caused it (sync error, game crash, etc.)?

My impression is extensive play, a full garage thus bloated save file size makes the game more prone to crashing? If that is the case, it’s a question of when, not if it will eventually happen to anyone?

This is embarrassing for MS/T10/PG and they know very well this could cause (probably already has) a lot of people to abandon Forza for good. I wouldn’t be tempted to come back either if I lost hundreds of hours to Forza this way.

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I already apologize for my English. I do not speak English. (thanks google)

I played Forza horizon 3, until the release of 4 and played Motorsport 7.

At Horizon 4, I had over 500 hours. It had all the cars. A lot of accumulated money etc … There were also several tunings and designs.

I can’t say what happened to my save. I just went to play on a Saturday and the game crashed after selecting my profile.

I opened my ticket with all the pertinent information, I did all the tests requested by the support. My game only crashed when I was onine. Offline it ran normally (only online resources disabled of course).

They told me they “believed” that my save was corrupted. and that I should delete my save, both locally and in the cloud (there’s a procedure for that). And they told me they couldn’t do anything.

That simple. A Microsoft game (it has the microsoft brand), a reference in cloud services and etc … They do not keep BKP from users’ saves.

And that’s it … I did a lot of research before I gave up on the game. I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for a solution. And I found nothing.

A friend has already lost the save in Forza horizon 2 on the console. It was the same thing, it had to start over. And just take a look at the internet and you will find several others.

What I do know is that: I never had a problem with saves in any paid game before. That simple.

As already said in another post. The game is wonderful, as long as you can play. Because the support is useless.

You can read the FAQ of the game. If the answer to your problem is not there. Forgets. The attendants are unable to reason outside the FAQ box.

At least I was never lucky to get an attendant who is minimally capable of trying to help(And notice that I said TRY). I’ve had several problems with this game besides the save. and They never helped me at all. I always had to find solutions on the internet.

This time I was not lucky. Since they are supposed to offer a cloud service but are unable to guarantee data integrity in any way. The data is gone …

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If it was a poll, I’d hope there was an option for - I never have experienced it on any of the Forza’s but have played them all extensively. . . .

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DavenDaniels : I read your story both here and in your OP. I feel for you, 500+ hours is a lot. You must really feel cheated by M$ and support. T10/PG would lose me as a customer also, if this happened to me…

DamMe2006 : I would if I could find the ‘poll’ function.

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I’ve had a lot of problems with save file corruption due to poor internet (satellite) at a relative’s house. I play Forza on multiple systems, so when I get this problem I just make sure to log in on another one of my systems that still has good save data and is on a good internet connection and make sure that save gets uploaded.

Fundamentally this is a problem with the MS store and not so much with Forza specifically, but it’s still baffling how much MS struggles with this problem that has been solved on other platforms for over a decade.


In fairness, PS4 is terrible for it, I was stunned when I found out that GT Sport game saves are only stored locally on the console and you’re supposed to back them up to a USB drive. There are people who have had their local GTS save become corrupted and have lost all their cars because they didn’t back it up to a USB drive. Compared to that, being able to just play Forza on different consoles and PCs and have it automatically sync your save is bliss. It should, of course, use a method of updating the save that ensures transactional integrity.

gamer1000k, thank you for reply. I’m taking notes.

Very true about MS not getting this sorted. Constant system updates etc. and they still fail to resolve the issues.

Also let me say, even if the save file corruptions happen to a minority, it’s still unacceptable unless there’s been neglect on the user’s part (i.e. turning off the console during save, etc.)

DavenDaniels had a freak accident that could happen to anyone, to no fault of his/her own.

MS/T10/PG failing to resolve the issue is like giving a big middle finger to loyal customers.

I’m also reading through the thread by DavenDaniels (EDIT)

Very often since last update, that’s really frustrating, I have to switch between PC and Xbox and recover my files.

I ran the CRS for about 5 years exactly to help with this problem. We could give people credits and cars when their save files had been wiped out and we had hundreds of people we helped. I personally have had 3 save corruption issues. Once in forza 3 when i was one race from a 1000G. Then in forza 4 halfway through the career, and then in horizon 2 early on, so i restarted and had to go through about the first dozen races or so. So it’s quite common. We had to give up helping when they stopped in game gifting of credits etc. That shut us down basically and without any warning despite having Turn 10’s official backing! So yeah, it sucks when it happens and we can’t help but sometimes the devs do give people credits when they can see their save got borked!

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Corrupted Save is very common

Shame on you Forza Developers

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Thanks again for response !

I’ve also tagged an older thread regarding the issue, will read through it…

As long as this continues to be a problem, threads that stay on the front page concerning this is a good thing. This is very damaging to the Forza franchise; MS/T10/PG sweeping it under the rug won’t do them or paying customers any good.