How bad are MS/Turn 10 servers compared to Sony's?

I am dumbfounded as to how a company like MS can have such absolutely garbage online quality, what with abrupt disconnections (as I type!), lobby hiccups, not able to connect without resetting my Mac address, etc.

How much better or worse are Sony’s? I would consider changing – and foregoing the Forza franchise – if it is significantly better. BTW is Assetto Corsa coming out on PS4/ Sony?

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I dont know about sonys online service, but i will say my experience with xbox live particularly with forza on the xbox one have been horrible. Every time something happens i just think to myself how microsoft kept saying “power of the cloud” at launch only to have more online issues then either of its predecessors along with much less users. Im wouldnt necessarily blame turn 10 on every issue this game suffers, but in my experience with many other online games forza is probably has the worst overall online experience.


Much better actually. Research it, XBL is known for being much better than PSN when it comes to lag and the such, how the game performs on the other hand comes down to the game makers, and even then, I’ve never once had a single issue with a Forza game, 5, 6, H2, etc.

Hmm not one issue?!? Why all the patches then, maybe you just didn’t notice the issues. I notice the non working mics every time I play. Lag is usually connection based issue, but not finding lobbies and game locking up is game issue. Lots of things have been fixed with many more that will go unresolved.

Nope. Not a single one. I can connect every single time, first try, ive never been disconnected during a race once either. Occasionally I see laggers, but frankly, every game has it. And even then, lagging isn’t even the fault of MS/Sony or whoever else, it usually comes down to that person’s internet connection, and MS/Sony can’t do much about that.

Yes assetto corsa will be available on ps4

I’ve personally never had a problem with Forza connectivity. Are you running a fibre connection?

Usually I cannot connect to leagues, I get disconnected during races, regularly get multiplayer not available messages, not to mention the laggers unintentionally and unknowingly taking every body out.
I’m from Australia and I have Wireless nbn which is the fastest available connection atm here in my area.
Speed seems adequate to run everything but online Forza fun.

Lot of issues are not fault of microsoft or sony. The only issue i have is with party chat. Online playing itself is not that bad.

Make absolutely sure you completely reload the game between sessions. Push the menu button on the game in the dashboard and close it when you are done playing or before you start if you didn’t the last time. Suspend/Resume is extremely buggy with multiplayer in this game.

This makes absolutely no difference. The frustration of rebooting and emptying the cache still to be unable to play online is immense.

Odd question but I’m curious here how many mgb/s do your guys’ internent run?

Varies but can be up to 20 Mbps down and I’ve seen 4 Mbps up.

Good point! You need a really fast internet connection to accommodate this game and problem solved. The people complaining don’t want to or cannot afford a faster internet connection and therein lines the rub. Not just any standard internet connection will do for Xbox Live and Forza as they are data hogs for sure. So up your cable bandwidth and your connection issues are solved !!!

I occasionally find that I have to reboot the X-Box if it times out and goes into low power mode. If the servers are up and my WiFi/cable are working, this fixes it every time.

I can only talk about my experiences with Sony and Microsoft. I do have a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and an Xbox One. I do some but not a lot of online gaming. I use the Xboxes more than the PSs.

Okay, now that the caveats are out of the way, in general I would say I’ve had slightly better luck with Sony. If I look at the core services, Sony has done a lot better. I always seem to be able to logon to Sony. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve got an error message from the Xbox saying it was unable to connect to Xbox Live and to check the website. I’ve also had problems with the MS store. I can’t think of any issues with Sony store. If I look at game issues, I would say there is one game that consistently has the most issues, the FM series. However, this is what I play the most and that may be the reason.

I see a lot of Australians, with good connections, lag out quite a bit.

The lagging, skating that folks are doing, in spite of their “speed” to their ISP, may not be caused by their “internet speed”. Your internet “speed” is the speed of the “last mile” of cable into, your domicile.

Some folks, who are practically “sitting on” the servers (live in close proximity to the data center from a network node point of view) may very well have zero conflicts with the game. Some folks (i.e. in Australia) may have many, many, times more network nodes through which their data must go before it gets to the servers.

Each network node adds minuscule fractions of a second to the time your data takes to get “there and back”. This is called “propagation delay”. It is the amount of time, each network node takes to get a bit from its INPUT, to its OUTPUT, and on its way to the next node. Think of the path the data takes from your house, to the servers, and back to your house as a bus route. Your data packets board a bus at your house, and travel on the bus to the next station (or network node), the data then has to get off of that bus, and onto a new bus, and head to the next node. The bus (data) may take less time on the paths between stations (nodes) than it does processing through each station (or node). So, if your data has more network nodes when compared to the average of users your are connected with, there are problems.

The LAST MILE internet speed is of little concern if you have ten times the network nodes in your total data path as the average user. Again, Australian connections are notorious for this.

As stated, the problem is usually when there is a lot of network nodes between you and the servers, and the other folks your are gaming with have lots less. If your total data path, has ten times the network nodes as that of the other users, then your delay is ten times what theirs will be. Sometimes, the game can resolve that delay, sometimes it can’t. Forza is far from the only game with such issues. The problem is that the type of game that Forza is, really exacerbates such issues.

(It is really a lot more compels than what I have explained, but this explanation gets at the truth, if not glossing over a lot.)

Also, I am not an employee of either company, however I am bound by very strict NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements), so I cannot say anything about which company has better this or that.

However, I can say that I am a big fan of the XBL online experience. Take from that, what you will.

If Sony is faster, it would be only because there are fewer folks swimming in their pool.

I’ll take the pool with more folks, even if it is a crowded at times.