So last night a few of us ERS members decided to do some hotlapping while racing. We did a ghost custom lobby and only drove leaderboard cars. ERS Pepper was broadcasting on twitch and after a couple of hours some of the viewers turned into racers with us. ERS, AR, and ONR were all hotlapping not just to beat eachother on the track but to improve times while being able to have real life racers challenge you. If anybody is interested in doing this you are more than welcome. There is no certain class that we do just run what u brung.

P.s. I will be getting ers pepper twitch name and will put a link to it just below if u would like to watch before joining.

Click here for the link to his twitch account. If you would like to join up while he is streaming just send him a message and one of us will send you a game invite.

Moved to the abyss known as the racers lounge I see…

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I don’t have the game yet, as I can’t really afford the Xbox One right now, but I’m pretty good at Forza 4, so I tried my hand at Forza 5 while I was at the local Best Buy. I was wondering if my lap times were any good or if I was way off… I ran a completely stock Ariel Atom around Prague and hit a 1:55.2, but I feel like I can possibly get a low 1:53 flying lap. That was my first real race on the game, so am I sitting alright or do I have my work cut out for me?

if you are pretty good on fm4, fm5 will be no problem for you, i know you that you are good and maybe you need 2 weeks, or a month to find your pace, btw 1:49/1:50 around Prague should be no problem, i gave it 2 laps without TCS and was in the 1:50

Alright, cool. Standing in the electronics store when you’re in a hurry isn’t the best place to start a brand new game, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha sounds like the perfect place to start. If ur good at racing games in general u will be good on 5. I played horizon and not 4 and i have a great grasp of this game. Still learning daily but that’s most of the fun.

Bullin will be running top 10s within two months of finally getting the game. Watch it. Dude is fast in them high classes.

But yea hit me up Johnson. I remember doing this with Toffo a while back and it was pretty fun. Do yall set the lobbies up to where the fastest lap wins? I know that usually adds a nice dramatic flair to the ending results.

What classes do yall run? I can’t really run B class since I refuse to buy any car packs and thus don’t have the stradale.

added you johnson.

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I wouldn’t mind joining. I’m working on setting up tunes for my E21 on all tracks. Right now the track I’m trying to master is the Ring+GP. I have quite a few tunes for it but my best so far is a 4 gear tune that runs 6:53 dirty and 7:00 clean. Hit me up and I’ll be more than happy to run a few with you guys. I usually only play on the weekends since I work long hours

Hey Johnson, next time you guys are on hit me up if you see me please. I cant stand just running rivals gets too boring. A group session sounds way more fun.

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Ya what he said. :slight_smile:

Well I haven’t checked this thread because I thought it died lol. I will be setting this up again soon. We don’t have a set time when we do it or even a car. Just run what u got don’t matter of class just go for your class specific time. It is fun of everybody is in the same car but some people don’t have the right car for the class on that track so anything goes.

Looking for new rivals

My gamertag is Insane Moskito