Horns of national anthems

Would’ve been cool to play the nations National anthem on the horns, here’s the list that can be a car horn.
United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Monaco, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, South Africa, Libya, Kuwait, UAE, India, Australia, South Korea

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Yup cool but almost certainly won’t happen. There would be an uproar if countries like Russia were included.

It’s a great idea. I would think most if not all national anthems are in the public domain, and thus should not have a cost for acquiring.

As far as pariah and/or rogue states are concerned, those could just be omitted.

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Things like that don’t really have a right answer. Omission would certainly be the worse of the two evils, though. Perhaps it’s better to not include anthems after all, since any one option could be percieved as taking a stance.