Horizon 4 stuck in sync screen after last update, starting today. Help please

Hi all,

My game won’ go past the sync screen. Just says “syncing data for Horizon 4”. Obviously I don’t want to press cancel as I’ll lose my save…and my complete collection of exclusive cars.

How do I fix this? I’m on One S. Researching on the forums and online has resulted in zero answers.

This just so happens to coincide with the last Steam update and the season switch over. I did NOT touch my local save or switch consoles. I do not play PC.


Edit: actually it just loaded after 20 minutes…never has it taken so long…scary. These start up sync times are getting worse and worse every update. It used to be a second now 20 minutes?


same issue here - frequent resyncing and looooong loading times.

Would rather have efficient bug fixes than having new cars added, as the so called game experience gets worse with every update.