Hoonigan Hoonipigasus 2022

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Hoonigan Hoonipigasus 2022

Hoonigan Hoonipigasus- Porsche 911


The hoonigan hoonipigasus


We need this car! It would be amazing in FH5 for taking on the hillclimb

The Hoonigan Hoonipigasus - 1,400-HP Porsche 911


Forza really really needs to add that they need way more drift cars but since Ken passed the relationship between Forza and Hoonigan has been very quiet lately so there Is a 30% chance they will add It and a 60% chance they won’t add It.

Considering it has a giant “CSR2” Sponsor on the front I think it’s unlikely.

Prior to his passing the Licensing and Sponsor agreement between Ken and Forza had passed and he moved onto CSR2.

It remains to be seen what happens with that since he’s no longer around.

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And 10% they will…?


Find the Car and destroy it irl so nobody else can have it :stuck_out_tongue:

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We want this car