Honda Ridgeline 2017-current

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Honda Ridgeline (2nd generation) 2017-current

2022 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

As we only have the Baja Trophy Ridgeline in Forza games, the stock Ridgeline should be in-game as well!!!

It has a 3.5 V6 producing 280HP, and this facelifted 2nd-gen Ridgeline comes with a 9-speed Automatic where its gear are selected by a press of a button instead of a traditional shifter from the 6-speed which is a major change of the transmission just by making a replacement. But all I can say that this Honda pickup will be perfect for the Off-roading tour.

Ridgeline is only available in Honda’s North American market.

Or, if you want to pick the 2019 pre-facelift, it’s your call. Just pick which model year you like, I won’t mind.


HPD Package

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The new TrailSport trim for the Ridgeline