Holden Commodore racing 1997-2007

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Holden Commodore racing 1997-2007

This topic is for racing versions of the VT, VX, VY, and VZ. To vote on the production version, click here.

the VY was a great road car, but it’s most famous moments came on the race track. the VY is the car that allowed bathurst legend greg murphy to set the “lap of the gods” in qualifying for 2003’s bathurst 1000. murphy set a 2:06.8, which was over a second faster than 2nd place and was the first ever lap in the 6 second bracket. it’s easily the most famous lap in bathurst history, and murphy went on to dominate the race the next day.


mark skaife’s ‘golden child’ chassis, one of the most successful cars in aussie motorsport history, last raced in spectacular 2003 VY commodore form

HRT driver mark skaife putting a HSV VY clubsport through it’s paces


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1997 - Russell Ingall - Perkins Engineering

1998 - Garth Tander - Garry Rogers Motorsport

1999 - Craig Lowndes - Holden Racing Team

2000 - Paul Morris - Paul Morris Motorsport

2001 - Jason Richards - Team Kiwi Racing

2002 - Mark Skaife - Holden Racing Team

2003 - Greg Murphy - K-Mart Racing

2004 - Jason Bright - Paul Weel Racing

2005 - Mark Skaife - Holden Racing Team

2006 - Rick Kelly - HSV Dealer Team

2007 - Garth Tander - HSV Dealer Team


since the holden adventra was based on the holden VZ commodore wagon, i figured that it would fit in to this thread.

in 2006, australian racing legend peter brock decided to launch an attack on the world famous dakar rally. it was only suitable for him to do it in a holden, and the market relevant option was the holden adventra.

him and his team spent tonnes of money developing the car, ready to compete in 2007. but sadly, in late 2006, peter brock died at the wheel of a shelby daytona, during the targa rally. he was the most successful driver at our famous bathurst 1000, with 9 wins, and had a fantastic rallying pedigree too.

with the project shelved out of respect for brock, the car was garaged and kept safe until 2017, when the garage it was kept in burnt down and the car was lost for good.

this thing was ready to be a great pride of australia, racing against the factory backed pajeros and touaregs in the 2007 dakar rally. sadly, a very poor fate stopped this dream from happening. having this car in the game would be a fantastic tribute to holden, the car itself, and of course, peter brock.



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HRT chassis 045, dubbed ‘the golden child’, reunited with it’s sister car, HRT chassis 043, the car that set the famous lap of the gods at bathurst back in 2003.

045 is the red holden racing team car, driven by 5 time V8 supercars champion mark skaife, and 043 is the k-mart racing car, driven by legendary kiwi greg murphy.

the golden child in action during the 2002 season, before it was updated to VY specification

murph on his way to set the famous lap, winning the race with co-driver rick kelly the next day

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greg murphy’s k-mart VY commodore at the 2003 sandown 500, charging through the hailstorm


Need those flames to look right :pray:
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there’s not much a better looking V8 supercar than skaifeys 03 VY