Holden Commodore 1978-1988 (VB/VC/VH/VK/VL)

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Holden Commodore 1978-1988 (VB/VC/VH/VK/VL)

This topic includes HSV or HDT homologation production models.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV (FM6 to FH4)
  • 1985 HDT VK Commodore Group A (FM7, FH3 through FH5)

a very pedestrian looking car, that’s hiding quite a secret under the bonnet.

the VL BT1 was the standard police interceptor package here in australia in the late 80s, powered by the legendary turbocharged nissan RB motor.

this is probably one of the most iconic cars in australia, as once the cars were finished with police service they were sold to the public. they became the symbol of massive intercoolers, hectic turbo doses, kebab runs, and 8 second passes on the quarter.

VL BT1 without it’s uniform

VL BT1 in full police specification

VL BT1 hitting the strip


A 4 cylinder Commodore would be hilarious

'78-'80 VB Commodore Sedan:

'78-'80 VB Commodore Station Wagon:

'80-'81 VC Commodore Sedan:

'80-'81 VC Commodore Station Wagon:

'80-'81 HDT VC Commodore Sedan:

'81-'83 VH Commodore Vacationer Sedan:

'81-'84 VH Commodore Station Wagon:

'84-'86 VK Commodore Sedan:

'84-'86 VK Commodore Station Wagon:

'86-'88 VL Commodore Berlina Sedan:

'86-'88 VL Commodore Calais Sedan:

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I really want the Group A SV to come back to FH5 at some point, one of my favourite Holdens.


1987 HDT Director


Do i have to beg to get the VK HDT in some weekly challenge or forzathon shop? Cause i am, lol…

Please, Please, Please drop the VK in there somewhere!!!

it’s in the game, it was part of a festival playlist. go to the auction house and i’m sure you’ll find one.

images - 2023-06-21T135447.914

the group 5/GTX/GTO regulations produced some of the most mental, coolest, and exciting race cars of all time. whether it’s the porsche 935, the nissan super silhouettes, or the zak speed capri.


manufacturers from britain, germany, italy, america, japan, and more all competed for glory. but there’s an island down under the equator line that never made it’s way in. australia.

however, that was almost completely different.

in the late 70s, holden released the first generation commodore, and the holden dealer team (holdens factory race team in local touring car racing) hatched a plan to take the commodore and race it at le mans under FIA group 5 regulations. here are photographs of a prototype in production.

and here’s some renderings of how the car would have looked finished

the car featured extreme development work, with intense aerodynamic research on the cars ground effects aero system, the same system used on 70s formula 1 cars.

power would come from the same motor used in the holden touring cars, a 5 litre, 400 horsepower V8. while it would have been down on power compared to the competition, it’s lack of a rear wing, due to the ingenious ground effects aero, would mean the holden’s drag coefficient would be extremely low.

sadly, the project never eventuated. the project lacked funding from holden’s parent company general motors, and it faded in to immense obscurity until this youtuber uncovered it after 40 years.

this car never raced, and never had a chance to show what it could do, a chance for australia to show off it’s motorsport expertise on the world stage, dashed by bean counters.

the new forza motorsport should allow cars like this to shine.