(HK_) Photocomp (July)

Hello everyone my club is planning on holding a Hotrod Kustoms photocomp. With being said below I will drop the names of everyone in the club.

Club members:
Hotrod King87- King No Mor3- Sevinhand- HEX77- OrangeTAMA

Rule 1: your allowed up to 3 photos
2: must use at least 2 different artists designs
3: each month I’ll give a new theme (this months theme will be a stroll through the woods)
4: may not use outside photoshopping tools must be in game photos only.
5: must be clean photos no damage to cars.
6: must post photos on this thread to be seen.

1st place: 5,000,000cr
2nd place: 2,500,000cr
3rd place: 1,000,000cr

How you’ll collect the credits you’ll need to get with (Hotrod King87) on Xbox and post cars in auction equaling up to your prize credits and he’ll buy them out. Be sure to message him on Xbox and he’ll walk you through when you win.

How the judging will work ill get at least 3 people to help pick out photos.

July contest begins now and ends July 29th