Historic Trans-Am gauging interest/looking for BoP Help

I’d like to start a historic Trans-Am series, this would be a series using replica paints of cars from the heyday of the series with race lengths of roughly an hour each with fuel & tire wear on. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in and you’re a clean, mature driver just post a reply here so I can get a rough idea on the amount of people interested, this will also save a spot for you in the league should it actually happen.

Now, if this league does get off the ground the cars would be using slightly restricted rules for tunes with specific builds for each car, I’ve already started testing out builds for balance but a few more drivers testing is always welcomed so if you’d be interested in helping to test the builds out and offer suggestions, or are willing to help out in general then feel free to either PM me here or shoot me a message on Discord, @Wrench Monkey 1#1831

If you need some help testing let me know. I would run some laps for/with ya.

I would be interested in this

Interested, depending on the builds. Sending you a PM.

Most definitely interested. Also, willing to help build and test and tune cars.

we will be running a classic muscle car cup in the near future :wink:

we’re uk based, very clean and run without assists

we do like to see nice liveries but we don’t expect our guys to produce replicas of any sorts, some don’t paint some don’t have the time…

we run other competitions also thru the week, classic mini’s and a Lotus cup is currently live