High Resolution Photos?

Hi guys!
i’m trying to shoot some photos on the game but i can only download a 1920x1080 picture!!!

is there a way to make photos in high resolution?

I only know that if I play in 4k and shoot photos they also end up as 4k photos in the gallery.
So I guess you have to play in 4k to get 4k photos. Forza 7 appears to not render photos in a higher resolution as your resolution you are playing in.
At least its for me that way on PC.
If that doesnt work for you you can also take a screenshot instead of using the service Forza provides. Either with the Game Bar on Windows 10 or on Xbox Home Button and I think Y it was.
both make a screenshot in your screen resolution

Need to be playing on Xbox One X or on PC, with the resolution at 4K on PC. You may have to manually select the screenshot size in your capture settings on XOX.