Here we go again

Ultimate Edition…

None of the extras that should come with it. Restarted many times they show but are not available in game??
No workable wheel set-ups.

All I can say is it does run.

Play the game until you’re allowed to buy new cars at the Festival location, that should be shorty after you switch seasons to autumn for the first time. You can then buy all Ultimate Edition cars for 0 credits at the showroom. Be sure to sort the cars by prize, that way they are all shown at the start of the list.

You can equip the avatar customization options once you have your own house, either the free story house or the free Ultimate Edition house. This house also unlocks in autumn, the game will let you know when that is.

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Exactly. You have to play to unlock the autoshow. It was the same in H3. This will also unlock your spiffy James Bond suits. Just keep playing and your extras will start popping up. You’ll get a 5 million dollar VIP house for free as well in a bit.

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Thanks guys getting it worked out now. Took the longest to get wheel working correctly.