Help with Most Expensive Cars Achievement

Sooooo I looked through my posts and I can’t find my thread so I’m making a new one.

So I recently went out and paid for gold(I got bored) and I still have the urge to sell my designs and I’m maxed out on credits legally(I’m proud of that) soooo IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN. If you need the Achievement message me(here or in game) and send a FR and I’ll get the cars to you as soon as I can and you can keep them.

If you have the cheevo already I will not be sending the cars to you but will help out any other way I can, I wanna save the actual cars for people who need them.

This is my way of giving back to the community and saying thanks to all the people who continue to buy my designs.

Edit: For the list of most expensive and the Ferrari list scroll down and check Yakov Alfa post


Not sure if I have this achievement or not, I haven’t been keeping up with them.
I will check and see, I will post either way to let you know.

Yeah, I need the five expensive cars, and I have to figure out which Ferrari are needed for that achievement as well.

64 250 GTO
67 330P4
57 250 Testa Rosaa

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Checked my cheevys, I don’t have that one. (Exclusive taste)

Just posting this for you guys to reference without having to search for it.
: )

Exclusive Taste Achievement Cars:
Aston Martin 1958 DBR1 - 6,000,000
Ferrari 1957 250 TR - 8,000,000
Ferrari 1964 250 GTO - 10,000,000
Ferrari 1967 330 P4 - 9,000,000
Shelby 1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe - 5,000,000
All of those combined equals 38,000,000.

Ferrari Collector Achievement Cars:
1969 Dino 264 GT - 55,000
1957 Ferrari 250 California - 3,000,000
1957 250 TR - 8,000,000
1968 365 GTB/4 - 270,000
1964 250GTO - 10,000,000
1991 512 TR - 75,000
2009 California - 220,000
1984 GTO - 320,000
19999 360 Modena - 90,000
1967 330 P4 - 9,000,000
2004 F430 - 150,000
1987 F40 - 380,000
1995 F50 - 400,000
2006 599 GTB Fiorano - 310,000
2011 FF - 280,000
2010 458 Italia - 240,000
2011 599GTO - 370,000
2002 Enzo - 1,300,000
2010 #89 F430GT - 1,000,000
2010 #83 F430GT - 1,000,000
2010 599XX - 1,500,000
1998 #12 Risi F333 - 2,200,000
All of those combined equals 40,160,000.

Thanks for helping everyone out Kouki! I’d join in and help as well, but I’m sitting at about 20M since I’ve stopped selling my paints unlocked, and most of that gets used to buy cars to paint, so… Lol

Haha you’ve helped more than you know just by posting that list. To everyone else that posted send me a Friend Request and I’ll get the cars out.

Hello mr black. I sent you FR, haven’t got any of the exclusive taste cars yet. Any help will be much appriciated.

Peter and cipher1962 cars sent

Thanks Kouki. :slight_smile:

Ok TY haven’t gotten on yet.

Must check as I did not know these achievements existed.
Are any of these cars unicorns ??


I picked the game up recently (played it sometime ago when a mate brought it round for the day) and am in need of the achievement.

Any help would be gratefully received Black 97 Kouki :slight_smile:

Pochacco2kX cars sent

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I dont any of the have the exclusive tastes so if you can hook me up with an expensive ferrari that’d be great!


Send me a Friend request chuck

Send me a friend request and I will get them to you

If you any of theses left send me as many as possible, new to the game and looking for the achievements .

I’ll be sending you a friend request when I get home from work. Thanks in advance Kouki. Much appreciated