Help Please. Clutch = e brake with option changed and how to activate th8a to clutch enabled.

Hi all. I just purchased tx wheel with t3pa paddle and th8a shifter. Went to thrustmasters web to get them latest updated. But apparently th8a won’t shift no more (shifted without clutch before update to v26). Any help on making them work ? The clutch is e brake now and the shifter won’t shift :(((

Clutch = e brake. Shifter can be shifted, didn’t even use the clutch because it was ebrake (settings in horizon2 set to manual with clutch and also clutch brake and gas). Went to thrustmasters web for driver update. Now up to latest updates, pedal clutch is still e brake. Shifter won’t shift anymore!! Help guys

Hi guys my t3pa clutch is currently e brakes. Any idea how do I make it work. I have a th8a btw

I have a t3pa pedal but the clutch is ebrake. How do I configure the setting ? (In game option set to manual with clutch btw)

In the main menu go to controller options and check that switch handbrake/clutch is not enabled

yes, i figured out. I thought i would not be able to shift without clutch in, i guess i was wrong. Working on driftin right now :smiley: