Hello to all

Hello fellow gear heads and auto enthusiasts.

I have just competed in the rivals challenge and have noticed some guys have trouble with tuning cars, and want set ups. Well I am willing to teach anyone who wants to learn in about 10 mins.
I am just throwing this out there because of posts that I have previously read. I am willing to teach anyone who has trouble tuning, msg my gamertag.

You can pick the car and class we will both party up and go into a tune session, which will really only take bout 10 mins and you should be good to go with any car. I have been tuning since the first forza the same way. I don’t run leaderboard cars, rather see if I can build something to keep up. And I know there is nothing worse than trying to ask questions about what to do. I can walk u through everything in 10 mins and you can have your base for fwd, ,rwd, and 4wd. Then it will be up to you for indiviaul tracks.

You will be able to avoid all the reading and watching videos for hours and be able to pick something and race in about 10 mins.

Hers a quick tip, if there is a race model of the car u want to tune, ie. the Skyline( purchase or have the race version) buy all the race parts for the car and look at the base tune, and apply to the car your tuning for for A/S/R3 etc there is a start to at least keeping the tail planted

I try to make it as easily as possible

The offer is there for anyone who wants to know free of charge, lol

If there are no takers car tunes will be on store front for upcoming challenges as they permit

Happy Lapping

Sometimes there isn’t a quick and easy way out.

I’d love to take you up on the offer though. I’m always willing to learn - check your XBL messages.

All your messages say “Log in on your Xbox 360 to view.” when viewed on my phone or computer (smartglass or xbl.com)

You do have Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One, right?