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You may remember the recent Falken Tire Forza Motorsport 5 BRZ Livery Contest. Today, we meet contest winner Andrew Stewart from Wanganui, New Zealand.

Stewart tells Heavy Metal Affliction about why he loves drawing cars, the design process and what impacts winning the contest have had on his one-man graphic art business.

We also get some insight into his own love of cars and see the Mk2 Ford Escort Mexico Replica he has been working on.

Tell me what you thought of this HMA and tell me what you think of Stewart’s winning design.


Great read as always and good luck to aws graphics great designs and what a daily driver love it ,I would love to earn money from drawing painting etc but my talent only takes me so far so I just do it for love of doing it !

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Great read and inspiring, I’d love to see more of forza changing the fortunes of players.

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Great article, I like the video of the drift, good work for the winner Andrew Stewart. When i see the work on the livery, i said well done !
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Its a poor HMA this week John, the guy has a Mexico and you only posted one photo, the whole article should have been about Escorts and how it is the King of cars. :wink:


Hi John and Andrew, nice HMA this week. I always liked the Falken car designs. I am into slot car racing and I always try to find cars with the Falken design on the cars.
Andrew, best of luck with your business and congrats on starting up your own design business. Very awesome!
Thanks for sharing your story,

Hah WSD, I hear ya. There was a good story to do on just the Escort, but the real story was about the artist sticking to his guns and making good on his dreams.

The Escort is also right in the middle of a full restoration so the timing to feature it on its own wasn’t perfect.

BUUUUUT, if you want a rad read on a rad Mk2 Escort. I suggest this HMA. News - Forza

Happy Fried Day people!


Great article, drift videos are very exciting and always inspire practicing.

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Did a good job, deserved the award. Congratulations

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I especially liked this weeks HMA since I really wanted to know more about the winning design because I love it.
Also if there is another contest like this am I allowed to do the same thing Andrew did so I draw it outside Forza and get one of my friends to recreate it in Forza because I can’t paint in Forza

Yeah John, I saw that at the time, probably your best HMA to date. lol :wink:

Hi John, thank you for this new HMA, I find the Subaru FORZA 5 superb with this livery, I look forward to soon have the ability to migrate on FORZA 5 continue to entertain me with the best licensed racing simulation world because when I work voi Stewart that makes me want to make new car comes with more push.

Ford Escort and a car that was very popular in France in the time I had the chance to see a lot and all the generations as the famous Ford Escort MK IV XR3i I also already seen a MK II RS1800 very fast and robust finally all Ford car as you tell me.

Nice video Drift thank you again for this HMA.


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Amazing article John I sometimes drift in my local track here in Monterrey but nothing like this, pretty inspirational.

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I am a huge fan of Falken and all of their drift drivers. Ive had the pleasure of seeing the Falken BRZ in person a few times at Formula drift and a couple other car shows and pictures truly do not do the car and the design justice. Well done to Andrew, killer design work. I really hope to see more of his designs in the future.

As for the escort, I have to say not that into it. its just not my style. But I hope the restoration goes well.

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How much is monstrous That subaru? is incredible. that drift … I think even 100 years from now I can do these things. fortunately have created video games. envy envy envy and even jealousy. okay, never mind. I just look at them and dream that I was in that car there … instead of sitting in this damn chair …

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Great Article. It’s nice seeing people design their cars like that brz design. Also didn’t know New Zealand was that big of a car place. So it’s also nice to see that there are car enthusiasts out there everywhere.

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I was so excited to read this HMA. I really enjoy Dai’s BRZ and the Rocket Bunny kit all around, the design just topped it off. 6666 Customs and Rocket Bunny make the best kits for cars! I hope Stewart can take his career further and make a whole lot more designs for AWS Graphics. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of his designs on some cars running in EEDC!! To be honest, I didn’t choose Stewarts car in the competition but after reading about his company and that he got a whole lot more requests, he definitely needed it :] Thanks for the read John, it’s right up my alley!

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I do have a Quiz for anyone reading this and keeping up on Formula D. Who was following Dai Yoshihara in the video during the test?

A. Forrest Wang
B. Odi Bakchis
C. Ken Gushi
D. Darren McNamara

John Thanks for the link to the old HMA with the escort, admittedly growing up i was a Ford Capri fan but the escort were a great second for me.

Got to say the Subaru looks greet especally going sideways at speed :slight_smile:
The rock crawling racing looks like a fun thing to try

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I’ve always loved stories!
and that it is one.
has a big applause for Stewart
for have persevered in the world of Gaphisme,
for our greatest happiness!
Thank you Stewart,
Thank you John.