Heavy Metal Affliction - 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

This car was destined for great things and is no ready to go out and achieve them.

Happy Heavy Metal Affliction.


Will the Mustang Fastback ever be added to FM7?

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Tires, rims, and stance are perfect. But did I miss the sizes? 17" maybe?

Thanks for the compliment. They are American racing torque thrust D. 16"x8" with 4" back spacing. Had to narrow the rear end 1/2" to fit them out back. Paint is too old to roll the fenders

Loved this quote, “It would be a car that would tell the kind of stories that show cars wished they could tell.”

Wow, what a project! Amazing job building an a great, unique and historic car!!!

(Now it just needs a proper Forza livery - lots of Red Bull and Monster Energy decals. Kidding.)