Has there been any word on fixes for online?

Three times in a row tonight, I set up a race as Convoy Leader only for my convoy to make it into the race and me to be left at the rotating car screen.

When we did finally get to race together, upon completion we were all placed in separate sessions and it took nearly 10 minutes for us all to quit to solo and reconnect to horizon life (as it was telling us we were all already in solo even though we werent and would not let us reconnect directly)

When we tried to join a team adventure, we gave up after 20 minutes of “finding a session” but never finding one.

Don’t get me wrong, the single player of this game is superb, the best Horizon game so far in my opinion but the online aspect is embarrassingly poor.

In a two hour play session we managed 4 races! Four!

Has there been any acknowledgement of all these problems from anyone at all? Any pledge to fix things? We were looking forward to some fun races as we used to do in FH3 but this is just not fun at all how it is