Gumball 3000 Gallery

A few favourites of photos taken of projects within the beautiful game.

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great minds think alike on that first photo ;)…Nice uploads

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Your designs are always great, looking forward to more!

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Thank you Nights Viper! I try.

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The first shot is very nice.

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Really like those two! I feel like a little aperture would’ve added more to both of the shots :wink:

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Cartu’s TDF looks amazing, as all your designs! Great job Polizeiyt!!! Horizon is the perfect game to play with Gumball cars!

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Thank you, the game I’m stoked with how the liveries look on the move.

Here are a few more pics, this first one ironically has just won/been chosen as a winner in the official weekly competitions.

Congrats on your win!

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Thank you Nights Vipers!

Amazing shot and congrats on the win!

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Have to agree great shot! Also another Congrats mate!

that One-77 shot is amazing! Great work!

The first shot (and the design on the car) looks cool!

I kinda love that car, well I spent long enough doing it so I try to show it off well… well I learn from you.


Joining your gallery a bit late :slight_smile:

This one is awesome, looks very lively and has great lighting.

Have to refuel a fair bit me thinks :wink:

Great stuff! It’d be nice to do a gumball 3000 like event on the game.