Great skill farm for beginners or experts

I’m a 5 star prestige, I have every car except the preorders, and I’m 99% done with this game. so I’m gonna share my skill farm with y’all.

990 618 924 - INTENSE EMO

in an Apollo IE, with the mastery tree filled in and 100% difficulty, any beginner can rack up $334,000 credits and 100,000 influence per race driving in circles at the lego falcon loop for 22 minutes.

so that’s $1,000,000 credits and 300,000 influence per hour, guaranteed. if you can keep it quick and clean, you’ll also rack up 30-50 skill points per race easy, plus all the influence and wheelspins that come with that.

ive seen a lot of blueprints advertising big money, but they’re all too complicated or require too much attention. even a beginner can beat unbeatable drivatars on this loop, the turns put them at a disadvantage if you tune your car for handling. you should win by a few laps or even minutes.

if you dont have the apollo, the McLaren senna gets you roughly the same influence. I use these cars because the race literally consists of holding down the gas, and easing up on it for half a second once every lap. did I mention this is easy?

some days I would spend a few hours doing this, and end up with $10 million after wheelspins. it’s a 2010s race, so bring your favorite toys and enjoy.