Graphics - low detail trees on Lime Rock and other tracks, and during replays (1567020)

Texture loading issues during Replays on Series X in Performance RT mode.
See the LOD of the background trees and low res BMW signage. Sometime it loads the higher res texture… Most often time it doesn’t. Happens on most tracks mostly on the starting grid cam like the screenshot below.

You’re lucky. Ive saved 4 or 5 races now because there is some very good racing in this game but my replays wont work at all. The replay doesnt play so all the cars are just stuck at the starting line.

On Xbox series x the trees are popping up and look terrible!

Pop up issues are there, so are LOD issues on the track… but this is some next-level pop up you’re experiencing.

I’ve seen pop in on the track surface and around the track boundaries/barriers… but not this so far.

I hope they find a fix for it, love the game by the way!

on PC to

experiencing the same issues on XSX no matter which graphics preset I use.

I mean, see for yourself:

This happened a couple of laps in during a test drive in free play.
Issue on PC, environment set to High, no performance issues.

AIM the tree before Turn :grinning:

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Please fix Lime rock park’s trees.

Not only on this track, i’ve seen trees like this before on other tracks too. somthing wrong with the LoD at bigger distace😒
cant even look far away from the track everything looks washed out, not like in older Forzas😢

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This happens on every track depending the zoom level of the virtual camera (during replays) or simply distance between your car and the trees during gameplay.

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Still not fixed in Update 2.0.

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Still not fixed in Update 2.0

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Agree, still terrible. Xbox series x (update 2.0)

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Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

I will check tonight with the new update!

EDIT: @W0LFayame for me the issue seems to be gone. (PC Windows Store, track textures High)

its still there for example Watkins Glen during replay
playing on Series X visual mode

It’s not as noticeable when driving, but it’s still there

here at Lime Rock


Good job Turn10! I :thinking::weary:

Merry Christmas turn 10, i like to invite you to my Chritsmas party but i am a bit embarrassed of my christmas tree
Maybe next year?

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