While playing multiplayer leagues there were 18 people in the lobby, as the race started that went down to 12 people in the lobby so I guessed 6 people left. I started in last place (12th) but where it tells you how close you are to other players it was measuring the distance to other players behind me even though I was in last place and looking behind showed no other cars but I could see them on the mini map. After the race I looked at the results and it showed that 18 people took part and finished the race although I only raced against 11 others. Has anyone else had this happen?

Maybe something to do with your gamer tag? Just searching for answers.


Just search the forums and you will find multiple similar posts.

It’s a known bug in online multiplayer since FM5 and caused by lag (to high latency).

Most likely on your end and not the server side.
Make sure your ping is as low as possible while you are playing online.

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