Glad I can finally apologize to people I accidentally crash into online via text chat

So yeah this may seem weird but it occurred to me playing earlier how relieved I am to have this feature now, being able to say “My bad” or “I’m sorry” using the D-Pad. I do my best to race clean online but accidents are unavoidable and I absolutely hate being the guy responsible for a major accident to a racer that was seemingly clean, for whatever reason I got too greedy on a turn or just miscalculated the braking distance.

Also some people would enter rage mode at the slightest tap, and it helps to avoid such situations I’ve found. Although the addition of this text message ability may seem trivial at first, I have found it to have a very cool impact on the game as sometimes it is a quicker and more effective way of communicating compared to voice chat. Cool stuff and thanks for adding this feature I love it


100% agree.

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If I got into multiplayer I’d need a “That’ll learn ya’!” and a “Driving a BMW is just asking for it…”

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Be nice to have a “don’t be sorry, don’t hit me”

I’m missing a real text chat. Why isn’t this a thing? Like in a Forzaton I wan’t to tell someone that they’re able to change their car. On PC I have to open the xbox app first that’s slow as hell and send them there a message thats even more slower to send.

I had a race last night where 3 of us on the same were at the front. We were interchanging places but still trying to avoid taking each other out. The text chatting while we were racing added to the fun.

I need one that says “get out of my way” for all those slow folks out there.