gift car

Where is the gift Audi all FH2 players was to recieve?

Car showed up,looks and drives great,thanks T10!!!

It’s nice to be gifted something else other than loads of stock Huracans with different liveries :stuck_out_tongue:

This was announced in the NEWS section prior to the Gifting, and each of the cars IS DIFFERENT:

Gift Huracans with Boys and Girls Club liveries

On November 14 all players were gifted two or three Huracans with liveries attached:
-VIP players receive 3 cars: the red love car + blue ocean car + green monster car
-All others receive 2 cars: the red love car + blue ocean car
Go to your in game Message Center, tab over to Gifts and press A on each Gift Car message to download the cars to your garage. The cars will appear stock yellow in the garage menu but will show the liveries when you get in the car (this is a known issue).

Indeed. I’ve seen so many Huracans, I feel like I live in Florida.

When gifted a car do you have to be GOLD to receive them ??

Yes, you do need to have a Gold Xbox Live account to access online activities.

However, the Gift cars remain available for a period of 30 days, so if you renew your Gold account in that time it/they would be available to claim. Beyond that, the system removes the car and it will not be re-Gifted.

I downloaded a tune for one of these cars. I didn’t like it, so I deleted it. Now it won’t let me install upgrades I own (an aspiration conversion). I can’t sell the upgrade. I’d even be willing to buy it again, and lose the money for the first time I bought it. But that option isn’t available. What is happening?

Aspiration glitch that has been around since at least FM3 I believe. Pity it hasn’t been fixed yet. Your only hope is to buy another copy of the car and use the aspiration you’d like. To prevent this in the future when using downloaded tunes, make sure you buy every engine conversion and every aspiration conversion for each engine before downloading a tune. This will prevent the bug from happening and is the only 100% guaranteed way to not be effected if you do not know the build of the tune you are downloading ahead of time.

Sounds like the aspiration glitch.

I guess so. All the other components that were bought as part of the setup I downloaded were able to be installed. Only the twin-turbo refuses to install. Buggy game, I guess. Shame. Such good teams of talent too.

I remember talk of that glitch in FM4. Shocking that it keeps getting passed along without a fix. Thanks for the refresher course.

I got the car, but it had no paint job on it. :confused:

Yes I took it out of garage and everything, it’s just plain paint on it.

I got a plain-yellow Huracan as well at some point, for a total of 3 of them (the other 2 being the Love one and the Ocean one). That is indeed generous. (And I haven’t even fired up the game yet today.)

Another free car today. Turn 10 you are spoiling us.