Gifetd cars not showing up

Since day one , I have had messages showing that I have been gifted cars from turn 10 , but they don’t show up in my garage . Ditto for the two DLC . It says , for instnce , that I have been gifted a " birdcage " but it doesn’t show up in my garage . Who do I talk to to get this fixed ?

You need to download the car. Have you done so?
In message center press RB to scroll to the coresponding submenu and download the gifts. They will appear in your garage after you have done so.

If you have done so, you can contact T10

They dont gift cars twice, but as to your DLC issues you could contact them.
Dont know what the problem could be.

In the message section you need to scroll across to gifts, scroll down to the specific message and press A to download the car.