getting left out of mp races for unknown reasons

Hi, since the latest patch my game’s stopped crashing every 2nd race which is great but now i’m running in to a bug i ran in to rarely before but still ran in to namely that i’ll be in the first race, we go to lobby wait for the intermission to end and 2nd race to start and then i get to loading cars and get left out of the start.

there’s no actual ready up in normal mp so i have no idea what it wants from me i’ve been browsing through the player cars and moving the menu left and right so it shouldn’t be thinking i’m afk or something. have done maybe 6 races today got left out of the start twice.

Having the same sometimes, pretty annoying if you just waited 4 minutes for the current one to end. Especially after hopping before in just started lobbies. When you give up and just wait out the race so you can join the next one, just to see you got left out while being in the lobby for 4 minutes straight.

Just to be clear, this also happened to me before the 3rd november patch. Overall i am very happy with the latest patch as well, runs a lot better. Just got to polish things up.

I’m getting the same issue. I join a lobby then pick my car and wait, the game starts for everyone else and there I am still in the lobby. This is literally ever game/time I join a MP match, I can’t play at all. After how long I’ve waited to play and how much damn money I put into this Franchise, I can’t even play the damn game.