Getting banned/kicked from ranked adventure

I have something like that, I leave from first ranked, 10 race after that I complete, but I get time penalty at least 10 times after the first race.

Also banned from ranked adventure just because I was trying to get into a game and it took a [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] load of time. I don’t want to be mean, but if you really want to play ban with yours customers who paid for ultimate, I’ll call Xbox immediately and ask for a refund. Graphically, this horizon is amazing, but apart from that, this is a mess! A lot of times, I’m stuck and can’t move. And your “the price is right” screen is ugly as [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]! I play horizon 2 in the same time is it’s way better…

And that ban for no reason is the cherry above all… didn’t think you could be as worse as The Coalition, guys. You should be ashame…


Having the same issue, hard to get into ranked without a game being dropped because not enough people accepted and when I somehow join when it finishes goes back to open world and I’m suddenly banned… the whole disconnection / connectivity detection is messed up currently.

I am having the same issue still. I double checked my anti virus permissions and even played a little bit of quickplay adventure… No problems there. But every single time I try and join ranked, I get into the match and then it kicks me out saying I “disconnected”, only to instantly reconnect to horizon life and never have an issue there. I do not appreciate getting banned from playing ranked all because the servers are not functioning correctly, and if this has any permanent effect on my ranked play in the future, I want it taken off. This needs to be fixed asap.

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Same here i have a problem with this too.i wait ten min to play after find team and one of then leave,kick me out to map,i try again and banned …realy???banned we pay with this game and we can,t play!!!please fix it

sorry for my english

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I got disconnected from my Ranked game while I was winning. Immediately came to forums to see any reports and the website was down. Their servers are broken and can’t stay up steadily. This is ducking annoying and unfair. FIX YOUR SERVERS!!!



just been banned too, i spent around 5 hours trying to getting into a ranked match between all the damn issues i finally got into one 3 guys the other team quit instantly we play 3 rounds then we all get sent to free roam, and each of us get banned, if this is permanent im demanding a refund

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I wonder how many months it’ll take for this to get patched. Issue is also persistent on PC.

Ranked team adventure matchmaking takes ages to connect and most of the time fails. If you manage to get into a ranked event, even if everything is working as planned, there’s absolutely no way to properly quit after all five races finished which completes an event, which will likely not get tracked and added to your qualification count or ranking anyway.

Currently waiting on my fourth “recently started” ban to lift. I’ve managed to play through one full ranked event, which didn’t count, in the last four or so hours of playing.

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Crazy that this has been going on for over a week and Forza has not fixed this is any way. I have been banned 3 times today. Everytime i try to go into a ranked match with more then 2 people a couple of us end up getting banned cause the match disconnected. Pretty much the only new thing they added to FH4 and it doesn’t even work, couldn’t be more disappointing.

It’s beyond a joke now. This new ticket system is so they don’t have to actually read our problems. Not a single mod or anyone has come on here to reassure is that something is being done.

They got our money so tough.

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yeah its not looking good, i’ve been playing since day one (ultimate day one) and its funny as ranked matches worked fine before the global release i on the day before the global release i got 5 of my ranked adventures done but now i cant even get to finish a match without it kicking everyone and us all getting a ban

Out of curiosity, how long do these ‘bans’ normally last? I got a ‘disconnected from game’ message on the car select screen when trying to start a ranked team adventure around 45 minutes ago, and it’s still saying I’m banned now (the ‘You must wait until the adventure is completed’ message). This is the first time this has happened to me. Would be rather frustrating if the game deciding to take a nose-dive on the car select screen has landed me with no longer being able to play ranked adventures…

Same thing here, ridiculously frustrating just trying to get in a game much less stay in it. And the agony of “racing” with a bunch of people who don’t have a clue how to race and are only trying to wreck you 100% of the time is the cherry on top… assuming you ever actually made it into a game and haven’t been banned for nothing to begin with.

Please at least fix this banning issue, it’s 2018 and Horizon 4 is full on amateur hour. If the devs could break out the race types and find a way to penalize people and teams that can’t actually race that would be great but I’m not holding my breath.

If I can get far enough away from douchbag smashing distance I’ve yet to be caught, but making it through the pack with people who turn by smashing into you, smash into you on straightaways, smash into you, well… all the time, THIS ISN’T RACING. Yes I’m aware there is the motorsports series and I play that and get top 500 track times often, but I’d like at least some actual racing in this. As soon as I can actually manage to play one more ranked adventure and get the achievement I’m never putting myself through this again. Great job Forza devs.

Just got banned in ranked racing for leaving game early when i got “disconnected” its so annoying. I’m waiting about 15 min to play my ranked game and now i get banned for nothing this is unacceptable this is ongoing for about two three weeks now. Why are they not doing anything about this

Yeah T10 you need to chill out a little on the ranked Team Adventure races. For starters it takes literally 10-15 minutes to even get a match from the moment you initiate the instruction from the pause menu. This is because
12 players cannot be found. Secondly if 12 players managed to get found, you proceed to pick your car OR even while it loads the track after selecting the car, one or more players gets disconnected from the entire session which kicks everyone. You then have to go back to freeroam mode and wait all over again? This is nonsense. If that wasn’t enough, you manage to find a stable game, your in the middle of the race and then you get disconnected. This happened to me on three separate adventures in one gaming session. When I tried to go back, you have the audacity to tell players they are banned from no fault of their own? It’s a slap in the face. You need to fix that. How are players ever suppose to level up if they spend more time looking for a match rather than playing a match? Plus, how can you design a banning system that’s not intelligent enough to detect people that have been disconnected and the people that just quit out of frustration? Your game is so glitchy too! Mid race, for some reason my car was stuck in mid air doing 386mph, something I’ve also seen in Motorsport 7. The whole scenery disappears BUT the car and it’s just riding on air. So if a player has to quit because of a glitch, it’s seen fit to ban them? Fix up. It’s absolute nonsense! It’s beyond a joke. The game hasn’t even been out a month and the amount of updates added today on the game (2GB’s worth of updates) STILL didn’t even fix everything listed. Why is my car stationary on the loading page (before a race) with my wheels spinning like it’s doing high speeds? This was a listed update and still it does that crazy nonsense. It’s frustrating guys come on now! The point of gaming is to enjoy, not to be disappointed!!!

Just got banned from matchmaking for leaving early. I didn’t even leave. I finished the entire Team Adventure. I have not once left a Ranked Team Adventure match before it was finished and I have never even gotten disconnected from one or had my game/pc crash during one.

Then I get greeted with a message saying I’m banned from ranked matches because I supposedly left one too early… what’s up with that?? And how long does this last?

Regardless to the non sense for me of considering rammers/wall riders as top players, having sold 2 000 000 and not being able to make a 12 racers cs even at top hours sounds quite much like bug is happening.

I guess that if I am calling my internet provider to say there is something wrong in my internet connection that certainly explains why I am frequently disconnected, informed of bad connectivity in game or not even seeing the gamertags , there is a slight chance they are going to laugh at me, isn’t there ?