Gday, new painter. bobbavet au

Gday all

I was impressed with the Forza Apex PC so much I went out and bought an Xbox (for my kids). lols

I am in to skinning, been skinning planes in War Thunder for about 2 yrs. So have been super impressed by Forza 6 skinning.

I have done 3 in a week. Here are the 3 I have done. I will add to this thread and any others I do.

Xbox has been great, never thought I’d get one being a high end PC builder. I like to stream the Xbox to my PC so I can paint whilst the family watch TV.

I share these, so if you like, feel free to DL. Please leave a like. Cheers Bob.

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Solid Start there ^

Always good to see more gamers picking up a XBox even its ‘for the kids’ :wink: lol
I may use that one in future haha!!


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Thanks Ab. Yeh not as good as my 40" 4k PC but I am still pretty impressed.

Love the 80’s Aussie gear. Working on a John Player Special BMW atm.

I have started building a Drive sled for me lounge room TV and my PC.

For the kids of course. AGAIN! lol

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As a new painter stick to the easy paint jobs for a while, move up in baby steps as it be less stressful.

Nice paint…

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Great start Bob! good to see more people getting into painting/skinning!

Skinning whats that, I must be to old never heard of it lol…

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“Skinning” is when you take your Quake 2 player character and make him look like Iron Man…

Cheers all.

Baby steps! meh lols. Veteran skinner, just new to Forza.

I hope they do a “windows based” editor for Apex and the paint jobs will be able to be used by both platforms.

Only thing I find frustrating is painting via a controller, not as bad as what “Shift 2” was though.

Gday Peeps

Got my race sled up to test stage. Been doing a few laps tonight. Hard to get use to a wheel again after playing with the game pad alot.

Brilliant ^ ^



Did some testing and have to lift the seat up to parallel to the base I think. I had a sore back and the chair itself already has a bit of lean back.

I do not think gear shift is for me tbh and will probably paddles or auto.

I bought a mini amp and some of those Dayton Puck transducers for rumble and also a base speaker to be placed in the sled.