Garage, Tune, and Design Limits Increased?

There seems to be a bunch of sources and information out right now about the game, some things confirmed here, some things hinted at there, etc., and everything seems all scattered around. So apologies if I have missed this earlier, and/or missed an already opened thread about this same subject.

As the title says, does anyone know if Garage, Tune, and Design limits are increased?

I’ll just flat-out say it: it’d be completely stupid to have them not increased over FM6’s (600 garage, 500 or 550 tune and design?) limits. It’s pointless to have over 700 cars in your game along with another roughly hundred showing up from DLC when you can’t even own several hundred of them, paint them, tune them, etc.

This is one of my buying points. I’m sorry, but I’m a collector. I like to own all the cars in this game. Have for all Forza titles. No, I don’t buy all 10 Formula E cars or anything like that, one suffices there, but for everything else? If I can’t actually own, paint, and tune one of every car in the game, including even after all DLC has shown up, then I’m not buying it.

This isn’t a matter of “make the game the way I want it”, this is a matter of truth in advertising. Don’t advertise “drive over 700 cars” when you can’t even own all 700+.

I know I’m not alone on this thought. Even for those that buy their 100 or so cars they need and have no need for more garage space, then what about paints? Tunes? It’s hard to talk up your community and encourage their works when you cap what they can do. I know tuners and painters who’ve reached the tune and design limits on past games, and as such share this frustration.

I can see how this can be a tough judgment call on T10’s behalf though. If it costs X amount of additional money to provide all players with more space, X being a rather large number, I’m sure it’s hard to justify paying that price X when only Y% of players will actually benefit from it, Y being a not-so-rather large number.


We don’t know anything about that yet, hasn’t come up in interviews.

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Are you playing on an XBox? If so, XBox has the final say in game save file size limits … which in turn limits T10 in the amount of content they can allow to be stored in a game save. If the XBox limit is a determining factor in what T10 allows to be saved … then T10 has no control over that. But I am not completely sure how those two things are connected … if they are connected at all.

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I’m with you on this, especially with exclusive ‘Forza Edition’ cars on the line this round as well.

I cannot imagine them offering over 700 cars and not increasing the limit, but with little information being released it is something to think about, not necessarily a cause for concern yet, but definitely something that needs to be addressed.

I can live with a limit on tunes, if i could have a page detailing them with downloads, likes and uses.


I believe it was stated during one of the E3 interviews that some rewards will be based on the number of cars you own. Although this does not confirm anything related to garage limits, it seems they may have something up their sleeves.

I’ve been gone for a while but decided to come back when I saw they announced this game at e3. I am really hoping they up the garage limit so I can have at least one of every car in my garage. to get ready for this game I am trying to max out my affinity with all manufacturers in forza 6, I only have 6 to go.

so excited for this game, even though I’m not getting the xbox one x and just staying the with one for now.

I mentioned it in another very similar thread (that really maybe ought to be merged), but not only should the limits be pushed, they should also be clearly stated.

For example, using another game to explain—… In World of Tanks, you collect and modify tanks. However, like Forza, you can only have so many tanks—your garage is only so big. However, unlike Forza, World of Tanks tells you exactly how many tanks you can have in your garage—the size of your garage is known. You go into the garage, you can see you have X out of Y garage slots occupied.

Having this information—knowing how many tanks/cars you can have, or how many paint schemes, or tuning setups, or layer groups, or whatever—helps you avoid making less-desirable purchases/saves. It helps you prioritize; you know you only have so much room, so you forgo the purchase of a car you don’t really care so much about, and instead go straight for the cars you know you really want. You forget about the Renault FT, and go straight for the Tiger I; you skip out on the Nissan Leaf, and pick up your favorite Skyline or Z as soon as possible. You don’t bother doing a bunch of different tuning setups for a car you don’t really like driving, and instead go ahead and put together a number of tunes for the cars you really like to drive. You leave your starter car in it’s basic paint scheme, and devote those resources to a car you really want to personalize, instead.

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The garage limit has been a pain in the rear since Forza 4 and every Forza & Horizon since and is my least favourite bug bear on the franchise because ultimately you faced deleting cars you had either paid for or competed for. I mean we pay enough and spend enough time playing the game to get all the cars available and the last thing you want to do is delete cars you paid hard cash for or raced competitively for. If it’s a question of imposed limits outwith Turn 10’s control then allow us to save unique paints rewarded to us so that we do not have multiple copies of the exact same cars because we don’t want to delete cars with said unique paints seems a no brainer to me.

However enough of that more importantly are we going to be able to bring all our own designed paints, tunes and vinyls across to Forza 7 much the same as we have been able to do in previous games or will we all be starting from scratch again.

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Yes, user created content from previous Forza games can be imported into FM7.

Has there been any word on the design and tune limits for FM7?

I understand that the game still has to cater to the base Xbone, but with the ever inflating car count, it’d be nice to be able to paint and save a tune for more than 350 cars at a time.


Yes oh God please part 6 was horrible in it’s limitations of garage tune and paint space. It really needs to be at least tripled.

Please allow exhaust modifications. Cars look stupid with all this work done and a stock exhaust showing. Also we should be able to tint headlights and tail lights any color and how dark or see through they are. It will help cars look much better

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I agree with you. Visual exhaust modifications can be a really good feature !

Yes +1 on lots more tune/paint save space, even it is limited by the cloud at least let us save our own tunes/paints locally on our console.
It always seemed odd we have less storage allowance than we have cars, and with FM7 promising over 700 cars we are going to need a lot more allowance please T10 :slight_smile:

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ive maxed out oover 100 plus tunes for the honda#9 indy car,if i try to load save or access the tunes.the game buzzes. freezes and goes back to launch, support gave me this,case number1426928572.hope turn 10 forza 7 are as quick and helpful.