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What are the variables in the gamerscore? In other words, how do you increase your driverscore? Thanks.

(Sorry if this question has been answered before but I receive an error message everytime I do a search.)

Click on Overview in the Rewards tab then click on whichever game and it’ll give you a breakdown of the criteria needed to increase your driver score

Actually all I see for Gamerscore in FM6 is 485/1000. I see no breakdown for Gamerscore. Am I missing something?

Go to your Achievements app on Xbox then select Forza 6

It will have a breakdown for you

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I’d imagine it’s some sort of algorithm whereby 2GS is worth 1 point or something like that. Best bet is to just knock those achievements down and you’ll soon get there.

Gamerscore is relevant to the achievements you have in the game
Look at your achievements app to get the breakdown

Unfortunately, I found no breakdown for the gamerscrore. I max out everything, but my gamerscore doesn’t increase much.
Do I have to do specific races? Events? Buy a precise car? Is there a bug?
badges unlocked: 50/50
cars owned: 50/50
days played: 50/50
driver level: 100/100
→ gamerscore: 490/1000 ←
miles driven: 2000/2000
paid dlc owned: 5/5
perfect passes: 50/50
showcases completed: 30/30
unique mods used: 50/50

I just looked you up. That is your achievements for the game. You currently are 515 out of 1000
You have complete 33 achievements for gamerscore of 515
Rewards probably hasn’t registered your 3 achievements yet so showing you as 495 instead of you 515.

I am 1080.

Rewards and Gamerscore are two different things !

You can check your gamerscore with your xbox profile or inside the achievement app, not the Forza Hub !

Or you click here to check it

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When you review the Score tab shows you the points for your rewards points and the Details tab tells you your gamerscore (490/1000). Below this has the section for Unlocked Achievements and Locked Achievements. Switch to Locked Achievements and it will tell you which achievements you still need to complete. If you have the Porsche expansion there is now a total of 1250 points but you still only need 1000 points to get max points for rewards.

It’s not a very intuitive system. I’m sure I remember earlier Forza’s being a bit more transparent in terms of progress. This thread just made me check my own gamer score (not something I’m too focused on) and it appears the Porsche pack isn’t counted as paid DLC. I’m sure there’s a reason but it seems a bit harsh.

Dadio, probable just hasn’t counted. Yet.

The DLC, achievements, hours played etc are notoriously slow to update. The gamer above had achievements from 3/6 that didn’t register yet 15 days ago.

Thank you all, especially Noobertson. It wasn’t clear in Forza rewards that Gamerscore was related to achievements. Why do they call this “Gamerscore”? I would make it more simple: “Achievements completed” xxx/xxx (Can you say that in english?)

I will continue to play the way I like and take the achievements as they come rather than playing for achievements.

Though it may take me forever to reach Tier 6 :wink:

If you look at your achievements you will see a “gs” at the end of them…“gs” is short for “gamerscore”

Yes! And some are worth more than others. From what I see, I’ll be tier 5 forever! :wink:

From what I can tell ‘paid dlc owned:’ is broken, I have the Ultimate edition and own every pack including Porsche and this still shows as 0 for me. Everything else I have.

Some of them can take quite a while to update, it has been something that has always had some trouble of various degrees in the past. I have the ultimate and once everything got updated after the first few weeks of play everything is correct. Paid DLC with ultimate went to 5/5 without anything else needed so the Porsche pack would be DLC #6 for me and would not be counted for rewards.

Sounds broke. I have the ultimate as well and mine shows 5/5.