Gamepad. Steering fairy? Or normal??

Hello all. Just bought another xboxone and Forza 5 after a long break. I am having a really good time with it. I do find something very weird though. Why when above certain speeds does the wheel only turn so far? You can see it in the in game wheel that once you hit a lower speed the wheel will start to finish turning all the way. I hope there is a way to turn this off? I don’t need any game help to play. :wink:

Speed sensitive steering.

It is there to replicate the real world behaviour of not turning the wheel full lock at high speed but only at slower speeds.

It is based on the belief that it is harder to do with a controller.

The only way around it is to try simulation steering where it is less noticeable and maybe to try different deadzones (I think most people use 0/100).

For my understanding; you CAN full-lock a car in the real world while at top speed. The issue is more that it is not wise to do so almost everywhere. And I do think the actual term is “active steering” where the steering-input of the driver is altered by onboard technology depending the actual speed at that moment.

That sounds like a good way to destroy a wall

According to Wkipedia, “active steering” is more specific to BMW. goes with “speed-sensitive steering.”

Thanks Eduardo. I hadn’t thought about trying Simulation steering. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll see what the dead zones are as well. I believe they are default.

No, it is speed sensitive steering, or sometimes speed sensitive power steering.

Simulation seems a bit twitchy, but i believe i may be able to work some of that out with dead zone adjustments. Overall i like it better than normal. Thanks Eduardo. :slight_smile: