Game wants to me to charge again for Duracell Car Pack after installing Porsche Expansion pack

I bought the Duracell car pack right when it was available to the marketplace. Yesterday I also downloaded the Porsche Expansion but I couldn’t select any of the new cars from the Duracell pack anymore (even though they are already in my car lot). FH2 wants me to pay again for the pack!

Is this a bug anyone else has experienced? Think this one needs to be addressed quite soon.

I am a Season pass owner also.

Season pass is irrelevant here.

When you first bought the Duracell pack did you pay money for it or was it free? If free that was a glitch and you will now have to pay for it as it is not included in the season pass.

Yes…I thought Duracell Pack was part of the season pass (again). I think its ingame advertisement also says so, hence I did not pay for it.

I am not aware of what it says in game but it needs to be paid for as it is definitely not part of season pass.

Season pass states that it only covers the first 6 packs. After that you have to pay for it (first paid pack being the F&F one), but it doesnt show the months which would have been helpful.