Game crashes on loading screen

Hi guys
I made a ticket but while waiting i wanna ask yall if u might know my issue (sorry if my grammar is bad ).
My laptop specs is :
Amd ryzen 5 5625U mobile with radeon graphic vega 7
8GB ram DDR4
My game run so good on very low setting with 60 fps and i played for 3.6h until i decided to switch to low settings and i was on 40fps then i crashed but when i tried to rejoin my game crashes when entering gameplay even i revert all settings to what my game did, still same issue,i tried to verify if theres any missing file or corrupted / updating my windows and amd radeon graphics, still same crashing.
I even tested benchmark and they were no issue at all.

Even I have the same problem. I have AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX and RTX 3050Ti. When I go to the title screen and press continue, the game just closes by itself. I have tried all the troubleshooting given by ForzaSupport but nothing worked. I also need help on this. I;m not able to play the game only.