Game awards are coming

Okay, so… Since T10 seems to have payed more for marketing and buzz-words/phrases i can only assume that they also will be paying to boost their standing in the upcoming game awards.

-just as an example- According to an agency pitch deck reviewed by News 3, a one-week campaign could cost $650,000. A one-day campaign will cost $450,000. A representative with the agency confirmed the Sphere provided those numbers.
Now, Xbox didn’t just showcase Motorsport but also Starfield, Cyberpunk, and I believe 1 other title but a fair estimate would be $100,000… Which from what I can tell is more than they spent on their programming.

What do y’all say we rally together to boost the number of Motorsports competitors in the upcoming game awards? Any takers?

Im so glad that i still have my 360 so i can play motorsport 3 and 4… And have my original xbox for the original motorsport. All 3 of those were amazing games. As a forza fan since the first game it truly saddens me to see what this franchise is ~20 years on.

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