FWD DRAGS anyone?

looking to do some fwd drags if anyone wants to get down. I’m thinking like 550hp limit seems reasonable maybe like 1900-2500lb

Yeah I’m down to do some runs.

I’m down to do some runs.

shoot me a friend request or reply to this post and ill invite you I’m down to do what ever honestly but i mainly get down with the fwd

send me inv GT SoA menac3

if anyone that has read this thread whats to get in on the action i plan to hold this event today around 5 o clock cst i want to hold the event at the air field open space with one person doing lights in order for smooth and quick races. message me on xbl and send a friend request hopefully we get a few people out tonight don’t be shy people lets make this fun

lmk what time works for everyone I’m free all day just shoot me a reply or message on xbl my buddy works till 10 so 5 won’t work for him but if a lot of u are on shoot me a message what time and or times work for you thanks

Im down. GT: ESOR TRiiPyy