Function wheel to bind different actions to. (I.e. Traction Control, ABS toggles)

In the future games, or even FH5, adding a function-wheel keybind so that when you press it (or hold), a UI “wheel” (circle) containing lots of different functions and toggles appears would be a huge game changer not only in gameplay but also immersion.

Different functions that could be included to toggle on/off or change:

-traction control
-windshield wipers
-headlights (multiple states)
-horns (preselect up to 3 for quick use)
-units of measure (Metric, Imperial)
-disable/enable head to head races
-drone mode

Make positioning of where certain functions are on the wheel or what functions you want included to be customizable.

This function could replace the photo mode button on the d-pad, but a quick press would still automatically go to photo mode, but holding would bring up the wheel (example: Overwatch communication wheels)

Let me know your thoughts and feedback and concerns!

I dont get why they dont have a drone mode keybind. That seems like such an obvious one. I would love to replace my camera mode with that. You can still take pictures with the drone. I dont know why they burred it all the way in the creative tab, literally only second farthest from the store at the end.