[fsn] forza stance nation | all welcome

Forza Stance Nation

A warm welcome:
Welcome to ForzaStance, a community club, where we are going to be dominating the leaderboards and always on the look out for some good dam laughs.
We are also new club and would like many people to join preferably english speaking. adult and no rudeness, respect your elders first. [Also please Have a mic]

If you would like to join FSN, please go ahead jump right in, make your self feel comfortable and enjoy the fun. So what are you waiting for.

We can host many events such as
-Race adventures
-Car meets

Like i said early in this post, there are many rules that make a succesful club, but here are my top 5 simple rules.
-Adults (No Kids)
-Respect those who stand above you(leader or co is in charge)
-No rudeness or youll be kicked
-Try to be Nice
-Always help each other out

Fore More details message: Boss Nastyz [leader of [FSN] ] about the club.
Thanks for reading this post. Hope to stay in touch
-Boss Nastyz