Front wheels not painted?

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed recently that some of my friends/drivatars FRONT wheels do not show the custom paint colour when they are spinning, the colour is fine when stationary but when they start drivin they disappear?

any ideas?


I’ve seen that. It’s just a glitch that happens rarely. I’ve only seen it once and it went away after a while.

its happening quite often for me :frowning:

Looks sweet on drift cars! Finally drifters can have different colour rims front and back, all thanks to a glitch haha

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The upsetting thing is that it never appears when drifting for me haha

I.M.O it is a glitch that needs to be a feature, the option to paint your front wheels differently than the back wheels XD

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I agree. Wishlist thread it and maybe we can see it happen.

It’s already been lost in the FM5 whishlist months ago, chances of getting this feature in any Forza = Zero