Free Play Track Selection

I’m stupid and just can’t figure out how to select a different track other than Dubai :frowning:

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Race setup, select track with left stick, press X for ribbons.

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Thanks I never felt so illiterate and the UI is horrible.


^ I totally agree.

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What I don’t like is the way that other settings get changes when you change the race type… Logically I work from top to bottom changing settings (or rather used to) but with the Whacky UI on this one make sure you set the race type first!!!

I hate the UI so much on race selection that I’ve deleted the game. It’s absolutely ridiculous & infuriating!

You can set how many “UI” drivers you want in the Race Setup page.
You can choose from “0” to “23” UI drivers.

UI is actually “AI” drivers in the game.

UI stands for User Interface, it’s the menu and selection system, not the drivers.

What burns me up about the free play settings, is you cannot set the class of car to match the car you are in. The game should be able to tell what car class you are in but there is no “match player” option for car class, or PI Index, or whatever parameter you want to use in setting up your race.

Then there’s the lack of knowing what car you are aiming at, in photo mode. That triggers my inner Yosemite Sam.