Free play freezing up ???

So…Trying to do freeplay, setting up a 5 lap watkins glen race with the Chaparral (and equal cars in its class) and the game loads, you get the circuit view menu, and it stays loading…for ever…

Anything up with the game lately ? Earlier on was playing and all worked fine.

On Xbone btw.

Oh now it says, your last saved data is not available, try again of play offline.


try to do a hard reset of Your console. i justed booted up FM7. Works fine for me :wink:

Did that, before dumping the complaint on the forum.
And, lo and behold.Not working.

that usually does the trick for me if any game acting weird. i just closed FM7 Down and startet it again. Works fine over here.
maybe someone else have the same issue?

Rebooted the game several times, rebooted the console, and tadaaaaa, still stuck in the loading screen when trying to start a race.
Trying to select a different car type to see if it still hangs up…

Nope.It still locks up in the loading screen.
The loading wheel just keeps on spinning…Like forever.and ever.and ever.

when you do a hard reset, you do pull the Power cable out, yes? wait a minute, then plug it back in? it needs to be done properly.
sorry you probably know this but i’m just making shure :slight_smile:

you can head over to the support forum. you may find People With an on going topic With similar issues.

Done that too.To no avail.Getting progressively aggrivated now.