Free Play Credits / Split Screen Career Races?

I have been racing head to head/split screen with my son in “free play” and suddenly the game stopped letting us earn credits for completing the “free play” races? What happened?

I do understand you cannot earn credits racing “rented cars”, we are using owned “garage” cars.

Also, can we do split screen “career” races and earn credits while racing on the same Xbox? Can we both participate in a “career” race on the split screen? I understand “career” races are not “head to head” and would be a “pack” type race.

We would like to race together on our Xbox and earn credits to buy cars. When we do “career” races we cannot race on the “split screen” as far as I can tell.

Please advise…how can we race together and earn credits?

Forgive me I’m new to this “Xbox” thing.

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Split screen career mode would be a blast.

I’ll check out whether we still earn credits in our split screen races - we were up thru early last week, haven’t raced together in a few days.

I trust you both are also doing the Forza Rewards thing - it’s a very nice shot in the arm, monthly as far as I can tell.

Forza rewards thing? What exactly are we talking about?

The top menu bar of this page has a “REWARDS” drop-down, which includes an overview of the Forza Rewards program… basically extra Forza in-game credits for using this site and playing the game monthly.

Split-screen is still paying credits to both users in our races; first place gets Gold Medal level payout and second gets Finished level payout, same as before.