Frame rate drops on Xbox one

I noticed pretty bad frame rate drops and stuttering while racing today, it happened on multiple tracks while in single player. Anybody else having issue?

Hi yeah very been playing this on my Xbox one so since I bought the game yesterday. Didn’t notice any frame rate drops at all yesterday but today as I have progressed the frame rate has become atrocious to say the least especially on the rio course. I am a xbox insider so I don’t know if this is indeed a issue with this at all but I do hope they patch the framerate as this is spoiling what is a very good game. I’m play it on a Xbox one s. Thanks

Severe frame drop occurs when racing the Fate of the Furious cars. Not sure why…

Xbox one here. Severe frame drop in races with around 20 cars or so. Looks like a poor pc.

Found terrible frame drops on xbox one whilst racing in fast and furious cars in single player mode. Hasnt happened with other cars. Just fast and furious!!!