Frame Rate Drops and Screen Tearimg during races on Xbox One X (Quality Mode)

While playing a race (specially a dirt one) the frame rate constantly drops and the game presents screen tearing.
I hope this can be fixed with an update, because Forza Horizon is known for always having a consistent frame rate.

Have you tried leaving Horizon Life and entering Horizon Solo? By disconnecting I was able to eliminate stuttering and hitching. There’s an issue where whenever I’m connected the game becomes a mess. The last patch was supposed to help but it didn’t seem to solve it. Hopefully it’s still being worked on.

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I disabled it, and the problem persists, btw i’m playing on Quality Mode

Screen tearing is still present even when playing single.
I think it’s a problem of the game that does not support the fixed 60fps, uses a sort of adaptive v-sync that in situations of high load on the CPU turns off v-sync to limit the loss of fluidity.
I hope in a patch because playing in 60fps on a 24 "monitor the tearing is more noticeable than a TV

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